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Greenish grooming tote

In case you missed it, Bark featured a sweet and simple recycling trick in the Sept./Oct. 08 issue: Repurpose a cardboard six-pack carton — in this case, for Black Dog Ale — into a carrier for grooming supplies.


Chair mat? No. Couch protector? Yes.

Recently, I received this ingenious tip for keeping dogs off the furniture from Amanda Brothers, certified trainer and owner of Sidekick Dog Training in Seattle:

At our old house, we resorted to putting our coffee table upside down on the couch whenever we left the living room to prevent our dogs from turning the couch into a jungle gym. For our new house, my husband bought a square sheet of plastic at Office Depot to use under his desk chair so it didn’t get bogged down in the carpet. Turns out the bottom has little plastic nubs on it, and it is the perfect size to be cut down the middle and placed nub-side-up on the couch, which keeps dogs off and actually looks pretty okay (much better than an upside-down table and kinder than many other options).

With its poor reviews as a chair mat, Amanda’s right that this office product might do better marketed as a dog deterrent. Discover more of Amanda’s dog-life smarts in her monthly column for the Journal Newspapers.

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