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My dogs on TV

I got last-minute word that Bev and I will be on Evening Magazine tonight at 7 p.m. (NBC, channel 5 in Seattle) talking, as usual, about some of the tips in Dog Park Wisdom. We taped the show back in July, and all I remember was uncooperative demo dogs (our own, of course). Still, I can’t wait to see what it boils down to and I’m just thrilled Lulu, Renzo and their buddy Eddie will be on TV. I feel like a stage mom.


My Super Model Dogs

I’m a total stage mother, and say, without hesitation, that you should check out my pups in the September issue of Sunset Magazine. (Sneak a peek at Lulu and Renzo online by scrolling down at Sunset traveler.) Aren’t they the bomb? Many thanks to awesome photographer Annie Marie Musselman and her adorable canine grip, Chicken, for memorializing my hiking buddies.

Available online from today.