Dog Park Wisdom is a delightful and easy-to-read book filled with great stories, down home advice, and ample humor. If I were a dog, I’d be thrilled to count my human companions among its readers.”

—Marc Bekoff, author of The Emotional Lives of Animals

Dog Park Wisdom: Real-World Advice on Choosing, Caring For, and Understanding Your Canine Companion is a compendium of practical advice, homespun tips, and stories—direct from the dog park—for and about living with dogs. It’s a grassroots approach to pet care gleaned from everyday dog people. We didn’t seek out vets, trainers, behaviorists, or anyone else with advanced degrees or training in canine-ology. Not because they don’t provide excellent counsel but because they write their own books and, let’s face it, sometimes the best advice comes from a wise friend.

Dog Park Wisdom rambles like a conversation taking in everything from how to keep pups off couches (for those who really think that’s necessary), off-leash-area etiquette tips, and tricks for laggers, nippers, humpers and barkers. Along with helpful wisdom are stories from people whose lives have been transformed by dogs. And tips for folks who might want to volunteer or start a dog-centric career.

Read the introduction.

CITYDOG magazine says: “Dog Park Wisdom offers engaging stories of hero dogs, naughty dogs, abused and rehabilitated dogs, and funny dogs, rounding out a truly insightful compendium of useful testimonials and counsel.”

Available May 2008! Books will be available soon online and in bookstores everywhere. You can pre-order a copy from, Barnes & Noble, and Mountaineers Books today.


Available online from today.

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