I created Dog Park Wisdom—The Blog (or perhaps, Blog Park Wisdom?) to pick up where the book left off. Because like fur to a lint brush, I continue to collect original, helpful advice from non-expert dog owners. Millions of dog-loving people out there have not stopped stumbling onto unorthodox and quirky insights because I stopped writing.

Everyday we improvise solutions in the course of living with canines, inventing curbs for car-barkers and shoe-chewers, ways to cool a dog on hot days, and turbo-charged stain removal recipes. And, folks keep sharing that knowledge.

Dog Park Wisdom—The Blog is a place to bring together new ideas and to challenge existing practices (in a nice non-dog-fight sort of way). It’s also an opportunity to introduce in greater detail members of the Dog Park Wisdom Brain Trust, those wise ones who contributed ideas to the original project and to let you know what’s happening with Dog Park Wisdom—The Book (and, someday, Dog Park Wisdom—The Movie, —The CD, —The Breakfast Cereal). This is also where I’ll keep readers posted about book events, reviews, that sort of thing.


Available online from Amazon.com today.

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