A leash for all seasons

I walk my dogs with simple, 6-foot leather leashes with brass clips. One is black. The other is brown. They feel substantial and responsive in my hand but there is nothing exciting about them. No bright colors, paisley, flowers or rivets. And lately, I’ve been thinking about the fact that I’m pretty much set with these leashes for the long haul. Barring any visits from crazed chewers, I can see these outlasting not just my current dogs but all the dogs of my life and eventually me. While I’m sorry to miss out on shopping for one of the truly blinged-out leashes on the market, I realize that these are the choice for our time. No “green” label. No eco-friendly ad campaign. Just a promise of quality and durability that would satisfy my frugal New England aunt (a woman who reused paper plates from parties and split open flattened toothpaste tubes).


1 Response to “A leash for all seasons”

  1. 1 Abby K-9 November 21, 2008 at 4:33 am

    Leather leashes are wonderful. I have two – one is an expensive Ray Allen leather leash, the other came from the local thrift store. Out of the two, I use the thrift store leash more because it’s wonderfully broken in and just feels comfortable in my hand. I think it’s going to last many more years.

    One thing that’s important with leather, though, is that it should be conditioned with a quality leather conditioner every so often, because leather can deteriorate and become brittle if it is not cared for. (I work with a lot of WWII collectibles, and the leather on many old items is hard as a rock.) Bickmore’s Bick4 is a great leather conditioner, and it’s sold at most farm supply and tack shops. It’s what I use on all my leather, including horse tack and my WWII items.

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