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Work to end puppy mills

When I talked to folks for my book about the first big decision relating to life with a dog — that is, bringing him or her home — I heard one thing loud and clear: Remember the homeless dogs, the shelter dogs, the dogs in rescues and foster homes. Folks who had purchased their dogs from pet stores told me that while they may have loved their store-bought pups, they regretted and would not repeat the choice. Joining the fraternity of dog people, they learned about the mass breeding operations that supply shops and vowed not to be a part of the problem again. Saturday, September 20, is Puppy Mill Awareness Day — an opportunity to learn more and support efforts to end this cruelty.


Putting the bark in politics

My sister bought me a Bark Obama for President dog tag. Whatever you might think about Barack Obama, you have to admit that’s pretty great wordplay. There are also McCain dog tags available but they read: McCain for Top Dog. Why not McCanine?

They actually wear doggles

I’ve always wondered when dogs would actually need Doggles. If sled dogs can go without on the glare ice of the north, why should a city pooch require shades? Well, this weekend at a walk to benefit the Progressive Animal Welfare Society (aka PAWS), I got my answer in a pair of Basset Hounds who require protective eyewear — for riding in a cart pulled by a motorcycle. In fact, they seemed not merely content but self-consciously stylish in their canine specs.

New tricks

I got word — and awesome video — this week from Buddy the surfing dog. I met this canine master of the boogie and long boards while writing Unleashed: Climbing Canines, Hiking Hounds, Fishing Fidos, and Other Daring Dogs. I am thrilled to see he’s still shredding the waves in Ventura. My big takeaway from time spent with Buddy and his surfing pal, Bruce Hooker, was that some “tricks” aren’t achieved through training or coaxing with treats. Plenty of dogs like Buddy will join their people in surprising adventures when they see there’s fun to be had.

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