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My Super Model Dogs

I’m a total stage mother, and say, without hesitation, that you should check out my pups in the September issue of Sunset Magazine. (Sneak a peek at Lulu and Renzo online by scrolling down at Sunset traveler.) Aren’t they the bomb? Many thanks to awesome photographer Annie Marie Musselman and her adorable canine grip, Chicken, for memorializing my hiking buddies.


Tick-tock your way to dreamland

Losing sleep to a young pup who whines and barks in her crate? Here’s an idea: Put a ticking clock under a blanket in the crate — maybe even a blanket or T-shirt that smells like you. Apparently, this is something rescue folks do with orphaned pups to simulate the comforting sound of a heartbeat. I can’t guarantee the strategy works, but it’s got poetry and logic going for it.

Available online from today.