Herding the Roomba

In my book, I wrote about the Roomba, an automatic vacuum cleaner that several dog guardians I interviewed swear by. No one told me that the little robo-cleaners could inspire mayhem but today’s Wall Street Journal reviews the weird, wacky and sometimes violent interface between Rex and R2D2. Now I’m thinking I should have included a section on introducing robots into your dog’s home or at least suggested Roboquads under the pets for your pups category.


1 Response to “Herding the Roomba”

  1. 1 gardenmentor June 18, 2008 at 4:39 pm

    Lisa, I lent out my copy of the book to a friend with a new puppy, so I can’t look this up right now…but did you cover automatic lawnmowers? One of my client has one, and its pretty cool. I think her King Charles Spaniel chases it…what a good way to “walk the dog” when you don’t have time. What I do wonder is how the perimeter lines for these tools interface with things like invisible dog fences. Truly, I have no idea, but I’m curious!

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