Dog-proof blinds and more

I’m just back from Boulder, Colorado, where I signed copies of Dog Park Wisdom at PC’s Pantry — a truly wonderful pet supply shop. During my visit, I spent some time in Arvada with my brother, Michael, my sister-in-law, Linda, and their adorable dogs, a Bijon-Cocker-mix named Reggie and a Golden Retriever named Mabel. Lifelong dog lovers, Michael and Linda slipped a couple dog-savvy ideas into the tour of their beautiful, newly renovated home.

Michael pointed out a pair of French doors with the blinds built in — sealed between two panes of glass. They operate pretty much like regular blinds, only these can’t become tangled or torn by the paws of an anxious pup. (They also won’t collect dust.) How perfect is that?

Linda shared her secret for quick and easy backyard poop patrol: latex gloves. For multiple pickups, these are more manageable and sanitary than a plastic bag fashioned into a mitt. They are also inexpensive. (Less than $6 for 100 from Costco.)


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