Cookie sheets — a counter offensive

We adopted a new dog, Renzo, in January. One afternoon, while I was at a neighbor’s house, he filched some avocado peels and a pit off a cutting board. (This reveals something about my housekeeping that I’m hoping we can just skim over.) Our other dog, Lulu, has never scavenged in this way. So I was shocked. Unable to locate the pit, I raced my furry bandit down to the veterinarian, who gave Renzo a shot to induce vomiting. In the waiting area, a vet tech read the scary details of toxic avocado pits to me and kept saying, “I’ve never seen anything like this.”

When no avocado evidence surfaced, I called my husband at home and asked him to scour the house for the missing pit — which he found buried in a green-slimed couch cushion.

So now I’m a member of a new fraternity of people living with kitchen-counter thieves, and I regret not including in my book a strategy I’d heard for this particular problem. It’s simple: Leave cookie sheets on the counter hanging slightly over the edge. When a dog on kitchen recon tips the sheet, the crash is said to go a long way to breaking the habit.

I’ve also heard of hiding mouse traps under pie tins on countertops or in other no-go zones — which, when distrubed triggers nerve-jangling noise. But I think I’d be too afraid of paws getting snipped to try that one.


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