Simple, dog-smart design

I bought my dog a stuffed, organic, plush rabbit by Simply Fido the other day. Banana-yellow with big floppy ears and a price tag to match — it was an impulse buy. So cute, I don’t really want to hand it over to the Grim Gnawer.

And here’s one thing I really fell for: In the bunny’s back is a Velcro opening from which you can remove the squeaker. There are many reasons to remove a squeaker. Your dog might swallow it. It drives you crazy. The opening also provides an easy way to replace stuffing. The Velcro hatch is a simple extra that makes me think actual dog-people were involved in the design.


1 Response to “Simple, dog-smart design”

  1. 1 gardenmentor April 22, 2008 at 8:03 pm

    A few years ago I found a similar “perfect” plush for my dog. It had no squeaker. And, its belly was stuffed with plush balls that didn’t have a squeaker. So, she could rip and tear its guts out without destroying the toy. Somewhere along the line the original balls disappeared, but I can still stuff it with tennis balls to make her happy! A 9 wk old puppy “borrowed” it from my 9 yr old who doesn’t care for it too much anymore. If I get it back & can dig up the brand, I’ll let you know.

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