D-I-Y dog blanket-coat

When I was working on my book, I wondered why dog people were so willing to be generous with their time, energy and dollars, especially for anything related to dogs. Are they nicer than, say, cat people? Or people without pets? Obviously, I don’t know. But there are a lot of dog-loving humans out there with great ideas and a desire to share them.

Take Chris C., who lives with a five-year-old German Shepherd named Abby K-9 in Virginia. When she’s not clicker-training, hiking or adventuring with Abby, Chris channels her ample supply of good sense and enthusiasm into a blog loaded with smart, free advice about life with her dog. (Abby, by the way, gives Rin Tin Tin a run for the money: A former shelter dog, she’s earned her CGC and HIT titles, and served as an Army recruiting mascot and a therapy dog.) Chris’s recent detailed post on dog backpacks answers many of the questions new hikers have about hitting the trail with a canine sidekick. But one of my favorite posts is her pattern/instructions for creating a dog coat from a blanket. (The photo above is from Abby K-9’s blog and shows the finished product.) Chris is also committed to the cause of responsible breeding and created this video about the plight of German Shepherds — and, by extensions, all dogs — in shelters (tissues required).


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