Create your own Goodwill games

Jamie Pflughoeft, a dog photographer and digital portrait artist in Seattle, likes to indulge her Rhodesian Ridgeback-mix, Fergie, without breaking the bank. Her challenge? One of Fergie’s great joys is the rapid annihilation of stuffed toys. Store-bought “victims” can be pretty spendy; Jamie estimates the cost of these adventures at $1.50 per minute. I can Skype Beijing for less than that. Her solution: Re-purposing (i.e., sending to their doom) stuffed toys from Goodwill. Jamie even suggests transferring old squeakers to squeakerless toys and saving discarded stuffing (no bean-bag filled toys) for other uses such as creating a dog bed. Just be sure you know your dog’s toy-ravaging techniques so that he or she won’t swallow something that will lands you both at the emergency vet. Read Jamie’s complete suggestion.


1 Response to “Create your own Goodwill games”

  1. 1 Wendy April 17, 2008 at 5:24 pm

    Hi! Wendy and Italian greyhound Sophia in West Seattle here. My friend Colette, mom to big boy dogs Gideon (150+#) and Tora (90+#) buys their toys at Big Lots. She says she can get them for really cheap if she’s looking!

    Sophia acts tough but hasn’t managed to kill very many toys in the nearly three years since her adoption. She’s a shaker, not a tearer. Her adoption anniversary is May 14!

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